2021 Mountain Premier Invitational Kiko Conference & Sale

The Mountain Premier Invitational Kiko Conference and Sale (The MPI) sees two of the best recognized and well established Kiko Goat Seed-stock producers join together to present an educational event and highest quality Kiko Goat sale on May 22nd, 2021.

The event will be held at 160 Jackson Mill Rd, Jane Lew, WV 26378
It is our intention to indeed produce a “Premier” event and offer the “premier” Kiko goats available from across the Kiko Seed-stock business at this time. The East Coast needs a top quality Kiko Goat event and this event really delivered such an event to satisfy that that demand over the past few years. Conveniently located within driving distance of the Appalachians, the Tennessee Valley, the majority of the East Coast and the Mid-West, the event promises to be well attended and a large success again in 2021.

The event is again to be held in West Virginia where one of the two event hosts resides. M.R. Goats is based close to Morgantown in West Virginia. Mike and Lorie Renick have produced many high quality goats which have been tested extensively at the various central performance tests across the country. The other host of the MPI Conference and Sale is PJM Goats of New Jersey. PJ and Hilary Murphy produce high quality Kiko Goats and have also experienced great success with the Kikos bred from the PJM breeding program. Between the two programs of the hosts, over 100 bucks have been part of central performance tests and their goat related research projects across the country. These tests include the very tough and infamous Western Maryland Forage-Only and later Forage-Based Test, the Pennsylvania Meat Goat Test, the WV Ram and Buck Test – now the WV Buck Test and the Oklahoma Meat Goat Test.

PJM Goats and M.R. Goats have again invited multiple high profile guest consignors to take part in the event and sale. The 2021 line-up includes new and exciting consignors which promise to add even more quality goats to the event. All these consignors will offer some of the best available Kiko Goats and Kiko genetics in the Kiko seed-stock production business at the moment. Goats from both major registries will be consigned and offered for sale and the strict sale guidelines and their enforcement ensure that the quality offered will indeed be “Premier”.

The goats offered will be able to go to their new farms in the Spring where they can acclimatize well before breeding season and be producing kids at much less than a year later. The educational event will be open to all and will have presentations for those with beginning and established goat herds.

The event is finished.


May 22 2021




WVU Jackson's Mill
160 Jackson Mill Rd, Jane Lew, WV 26378


PJ Murphy
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